Review of Maximus Matco Tools

Alex Ewing Manager/Technician at Tony and Brothers
I tried a demo Maximus a year ago and it was alright. I liked the scanner overall but not for the price point it was offered at. Well, I tried a demo unit again this year and got a lot of use from it this time around. I was offered to buy it at a competitive price and decided to jump on it. Not sure if older ones were Windows based but this Maximus 2.0 is Android based. I work exclusively on European cars and so far the scanner has done what I need. Now, "what I need" should be clarified because this tool can't replace factory level scanners with factory information and test plans. BUT, where this scanner shines is its ability to read out vin numbers, mileage, module part numbers, coding, pull codes and perform a complete "health scan" of all installed modules. Plus, register batteries, reset service reminders and perform brake jobs with electronic parking brakes. Its great 90 percent of them time and it doesn't get put away. The fact it has bidirectional capabilities and is Bluetooth makes it great for starting and stopping tests while verifying results with other test equipment. To be perfectly clear I will say this tool can NOT be your only diagnostic tool, especially with Mercedes or BMW. When it comes down to it this tool increases my efficiency and compliments a well sorted shop nicely. Again, this is coming from the view that I didn't buy it as my main or ONLY diagnostic tool but as another weapon in an arsenal. One other nice feature is the ability to capture a screen shot. I love pulling codes, taking a screen shot and then going to the office to document everything on a work order. Super handy! The other nice thing is the camera. Being able to take pictures and show the customer things is really nice, what's even nicer is my personal phone never gets involved. What's work is work and personal stays personal. I will say learning to use the tool takes a bit of patience and yes there are still grammatical errors on pop up windows occasionally. That's pretty lame and inexcusable, I know and I agree. But, as a tool it still works fine.

All in all I think this tool deserves better reviews and thats why I chimed in. Again, my view may be different because I'm fortunate enough to have factory level tools at work so ultimately I'm never left to twist in the wind. I think it makes a great tool for an individual tech but defintey not a shops main tool.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Alex E.