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Works fantastic. Blows those honda crank bolts right out. Check yours if you get it from AZ, mine had a crack right though it. Easily was shipped another one
Vantage Pro Snap-on
Its a good scope for beginners, and tons of info for pinout locations. However huge drawback is the screen. Not sure what snappy was thinking, but I guess they feel we work in low light conditions. Screen is not bright enough. Sold mine for what I paid so no loss. I think I will get a uscope. I dont do much scope work, and I thought it would be nice having the vantage. But the few times I used it, I hated it
Dont buy one, period. Within the first 10 months, the torque was diminshing. Even though it was under warranty, I had to pay to ship it back to SoCal. They warranteed the motor, and one month later the switch went out. Again, I paid to ship it for repairs. I then called the rep and told him how useless this tool has been. They replaced the entire gun, but again after a year its not working as well. Im not a tire changer, so its not like I use th Read more...