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They have been a member of the International Automotive Technicians Network since 1996.

Complete Auto Maintanence and Repair facility, tooled and updated to the latest equipment and systems for Nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Including high end european, domestic/asian, hybrids, and high performance, off road, and custom vehicles through our GHOST MOTORSPOORTS division. We have the latest OE diagnostic softwares from the most manufacturers and many aftermarket tools suppliers. We are a consultant to several tool manufacturers, and have information support links to the latest data from 4 different suppliers at once insuring we have the latest updated information and equipment to service vehicles from a 1949 Rolls royce, to a 2018 Shelby Cobra, to a 1969 Yenko Camaro, a show winning 1970 Mercury Cougar convertible, a 2017 Ferrari GTB custom, a 2017 BMW m4 turbo, or Mercedes Maybach Limousine! (That list by the way is a random selection of vehicles we have serviced this year. ALONG with Toyotas, Hondas, Fords, Chevys. We have a fully trained staff and we make sure we have the correct parts and info to service all properly. If we cant fix it, its probably because its not here!
8 hoists, 10 bays, secure indoor parking available. Latest hunter diagnostic alignment system (2019 model!) factory and after market diag equipment for anything that comes in. If we dont have it, we will go get it! Technicians who are required to retrain annually. Shop master has over 40 years experience and works with our entire staff 6 days a week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00a - 6:00p 8:00a - 6:00p 8:00a - 6:00p 8:00a - 6:00p 8:00a - 6:00p 8:00a - 6:00p 10:00a - 4:00p
Phone:    310-839-1100
Email:   You can contact Kelly Garvey through this form.
Address:    9030 National Blvd (Corner of Robertson)
Los Angeles, California  90034 USA
Kelly Garvey

9030 National Blvd (Corner of Robertson)
Los Angeles, California 90034

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