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Are you tired of taking your car in for a repair and then having to take it back the next day because it appears to have the same issue? Feel like they guessed at what it would take to fix your car and guessed wrong? Did you have one part replaced and it didn't fix your car so you authorize another part and it also doesn't fix your concern? I always felt if your first guess wasn't good enough to fix a car then; why would you take a second guess?

It is a fact that if your car was not fixed the first time that a training, tooling or information system deficiency exists in the repair process. Even as far technology has advanced in the modern automobile, it is still far from rocket science; competent, well trained and well tooled shops simply don't struggle to fix cars.

Here at Pete's Garage we approach car repair scientifically, we use training, tooling and information systems just like the manufacturer dealers use. Some shops lack the tooling and education so they guess at what your car needs because maybe they had a similar car in before that had a similar problem. Sometimes they get lucky and do fix your car but more often than not they have to 'fix it twice' or even more than that. We do not rely on guesswork, silver bullets or phone / internet consultants, we rely on being very well trained and very well tooled on a narrow group of manufacturer's cars.

That is right we do not work on everything, instead of being generalist mechanics we have chosen to apply ourselves with lots of training on only the following manufacturers:

GM (all brands under GM)

Chrysler/ Jeep/ Dodge/ Ram

Ford (all Ford brands)

Honda/ Acura

Toyota/ Lexus/ Scion

Hyundai/ Kia

There are over 20 manufacture lines we simply will not work on because the costs to be competently trained and tooled on all of them outweighs our ability to do that great of volume. We are a low volume high quality operation

By limiting the brands we work on we are able to study and learn them better. This allows us to be more efficient than others who work on everything. Have you ever heard the phrase "jack of all trades master of none"? Here at Pete's Garage we are "Master" of only a few car lines, and we simply fix them better because we do not need to learn every make and model out there (which is impossible), we only have to learn the ones we work on.

We have earned such a reputation as "fixers" of automobiles that over 30 local garages (including a few OEM dealers) bring us cars that they don't have the education or tooling needed to fix a problem vehicle. That is correct we are the shop that fixes cars for other shops. We specialize in fixing the unfixable cars/ trucks. Sometimes all that is needed to fix a car is update the software in the car's computer, did you know that some shops do not even know how to do that?

We are a small shop with 6 bays and 2 owners, both are L1 master mechanics who are also State of Delaware Certified for emissions repair, in fact one of us even helped DNREC write the regulation that governs the certification process. We believe in offering value through efficiency and accuracy in our work. Our reputation for honesty, accuracy and mechanical knowledge is so well known that when Consumer Affairs needed to know what to tell people about finding an honest mechanic they called us!

Check this article out: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/how-to-tell-if-youre-dealing-with-an-honest-mechanic-041413.html .

Though we specialize in diagnostics we also handle jobs down to basic service items like oil and filter changes and air conditioning services. So whether you have an engine control module that requires programming, a complicated wire problem, issues with your modern diesel truck, just need an oil change done right with the proper oil and a quality filter OR have had your car/truck to 6 other shops and it still isn't fixed rest assured that the last mechanic you will need is here at Pete's Garage Inc.

Feel free to email through craigslist and we will be happy to consult with you about your car troubles.

       Pete's Garage Inc. is a business sponsor of iATN, which means they have access to over 2.0 million years of automotive experience through the iATN Knowledge Base and network of over 80,000 members. They have been a member of the International Automotive Technicians Network since 2006.

All services major and minor from brake jobs to transmission overhauls, engine repairs and check engine lights also light duty diesel repair. Performing most services for most makes and models import and domestic.
6500 square ft, air conditioned 6 bay shop with alignment capability , 7 lifts and factory level tooling and diagnostics for Chrysler, Jeep , Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and all other GM brands as well as Mazda, Honda, Acura, Toyota, lexus and Scion models. We offer a comfortable waiting room that is cold in the summer and warm in the winter, we can shuttle you home or to work if you prefer.

Phone:    302-286-6069
Email:   You can contact Pete's Garage Inc. through this form.
Website:   http://www.fixyourcarnow.com
Address:    78 Albe Dr. #8
Newark, Delaware  19702 USA
Location:   Take Old Baltimore Pike to Albe Dr our shop is located 6 buildings in on the right hand side.
Pete's Garage Inc.

78 Albe Dr. #8
Newark, Delaware 19702
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