Fred Wilson Educator/Instructor/Owner at High Road Automotive
We have had this tool for several years. It has worked well, improving both leak detection accuracy and efficiency.

This is really two tools: First is the leak rate gauge. It answers the first question we have; Is it leaking now? If so how much. Some evaporative systems are not leaking at the time we test them even though they have a stored code. This saves much time since we are not chasing ghosts. If it is leaking, the gauge gives an indication of the size of the leak. This helps with knowing what tests to use to find the leaks. Large leaks sometimes get the smoke machine but anything smaller than about .040” gets the CO2 detector, the second part of the tool. Since there will not be enough smoke visible to find these little leaks.

A super helpful tool. One worth checking out if you need a faster, more accurate, leak check solution.