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Auto Pro Reviews is an automotive service industry product & service guide curated by the members of iATN. It features their expert reviews of the products and services in use every day in repair shops around the world, along with un-biased biographical information about the companies, products and services that serve our industry.

Product Reviews

VSI-2534 ECU Reprogrammer DG Technologies
Overall very happy with my VSI. I've had it for a few years now, no real issues with it. Scan tool software that came with it, Palmer XL Scan standard leaves alot to be desired, but no real issues with the tool itself. Qui    —Eric Sprague
I was quite excited to add this to my diagnostic arsenel. The potential to be able to visualize thermal properties is a huge help in many of the vehicles I see on a regular basis. The biggest drawback I have experienced with     —Eric Sprague Read more...
Recieved our RAP kit from Drew Tech today. We are excited about implementing this tool in the near future and will post a further review when we have used it. Great customer service experience so far.    —Daryl Fraser

Product Promotions

  • Introducing AssistConnect by Autologic Diagnostics

    Autologic is proud to introduce AssistConnect - a cloud-based service that puts the latest, licensed diagnostic data into the hands of automotive technicians in real-time. More Information
  • Krown Corrosion Protection - Animation by SKF

    Get an in-depth look at how Krown can protect critical components on your rig. More Information
  • Truck U: Benefits and applications of SKF U-joint parts by SKF

    Watch the hosts of Truck U, Bruno and Matt, highlight the benefit of each of the U-joints offered in SKF's newly expanded U-joint parts line. Find the right universal joint for your car or truck from the part experts at SKF! More Information
  • SKF Scotseal Hybrid Installation by SKF

    This heavy duty tech tip video is a step-by-step review on the removal, inspection, and installation of the SKF Scotseal Hybrid. Starting with a visual review of the Scotseal Hybrid removal, Mike identifies which wheel end components require inspection for burs, etching, or wear. This includes the wheel bearing, hub, and spindle. More Information
  • Don't Break It. Break It In. by Gates

    The fastest way to ruin your new powersport drive belt is to simply install it. If you don’t break the belt in properly, you’ll find yourself shredding the belt instead of the terrain. In fact, most powersport belt failures can be attributed to improper break-in and clutch adjustment – or not breaking in the belt at all. Click here for the three steps to follow when installing a... More Information