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Auto Pro Reviews is an automotive service industry product & service guide curated by the members of iATN. It features their expert reviews of the products and services in use every day in repair shops around the world, along with un-biased biographical information about the companies, products and services that serve our industry.

Product Reviews

A nice scope to add to my maxisys elite. I really like the signal data bus decipher capability for tracking can network issues. Good value for a 4 channel automotive scope.    —Ed Schaplow
Overall, I would not recommend. Only fully functional on the Maxisys Tablet, the PC software is far from user friendly and limited in functionality. The leads are cheap and clearly manufactured by Hantek and as such have p    —Greg Piquette Read more...
Great tool for the price has worked on everything i tried it on.Best price i found was tire rack 265.00 free shipping.You may need to use in conjunction with your scanner on some vehicles.    —Dennis Puczkowski

Product Promotions

  • Don't Break It. Break It In. by Gates

    The fastest way to ruin your new powersport drive belt is to simply install it. If you don’t break the belt in properly, you’ll find yourself shredding the belt instead of the terrain. In fact, most powersport belt failures can be attributed to improper break-in and clutch adjustment – or not breaking in the belt at all. Click here for the three steps to follow when installing a... More Information
  • Gates Heavy-Duty Belts & Tensioners by Gates

    It's important to Be System Smart when replacing heavy-duty belts and tensioners. Gates examines changing belts/tensioners on bus fleets using their heavy-duty FleetRunner products. And check out our special "surprise" ending! More Information
  • RPM Belt Dimension List by Gates

    Check out our Gates RPM Belt Dimension List to identify your optimal belt. Gates RPM belts have been specially engineered for forced induction and high-output engines, allowing them to handle more power and withstand more punishment. More Information
  • Measuring lateral runout with Bogi by SKF

    Master mechanic Bogi, owner of 180° Automotive and co-host of All Girls Garage, demonstrates the correct way to measure lateral runout. More Information
  • SKF Hybrid X-Tracker hub bearing with Bogi by SKF

    Master mechanic Bogi, owner of 180° Automotive and co-host of All Girls Garage, shows off the Hybrid X-Tracker Hub bearing for light-duty trucks and SUVs. More Information