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NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner FoxWell - Kelly Garvey, Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Complete Auto Systems
Ive played on and off with their products for over a year. Pricewise. they are primarily a competitor for Launch and the middle Autel lines. Id say they are an equal value to the tools they compete with for a general service shop. All 3 companies have scanners aimed and ranged at Service and Diag in the 300-1k range. So far they are NOT a threat to the higher line tools (2000-3000 range) as they lack reflash and some coding and Bidirectional even Read more...
NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner FoxWell - James Wilson, Owner/Educator/Instructor at Auto Dynamics Ltd.
I used the NT520 for BMW and found it work very well. It matched the coverage of my other tools and went beyond them in some cases.
NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner FoxWell - Thomas Richardson, Owner/Technician at Master Tech Automotive
-Back story- I've seen these scantools for sale on ECS tuning for some time under their in house brand name "Schwaben Multi-System Elite Scanner, by FoxWell", I have always been surprised by the value for money in the Schwaben tools, so I took the plunge and bought the NT520 from FoxWell directly. I purchased 2 car lines and the hardware for $209 shipped from China. It came preinstalled with VW and their brands (Audi, Bentley...). I had to regist Read more...
EScan Pro Automotive Test Solutions - John Stellus, Owner/Engineer at Shalom Auto Clinic
Good tool--had to change the laptop and misplaced the software cd--hard to get a copy from anywhere--customer service not very helpful. Jeffrey with ATS Escan saw my comments and called me. He remoted in to my laptop and walked me through the download. Tried it on a vehicle and found out that I had my drivers for usb needed to be updated since it was having problems. This was a problem with my laptop and had nothing to do with the Escan softw Read more...
EScan Pro Automotive Test Solutions - Matthew Leonard, Owner/Technician at Leonard Automotive
I find it hard to believe you have had poor customer service. They have always been top notch for me. great tool and great service for many years.
77080 19mm Harmonic Balancer Socket Lisle - Pete Remner, Technician at Auto Service Specialists
I thought this was a gimmick until I used one. Works exactly as advertised, zips the infamous Honda crank bolt out like it was a lug nut.
77080 19mm Harmonic Balancer Socket Lisle - Stephen Malfatti, Owner at Finish Line Performance
Works fantastic. Blows those honda crank bolts right out. Check yours if you get it from AZ, mine had a crack right though it. Easily was shipped another one
77080 19mm Harmonic Balancer Socket Lisle - Allen Stephenson, Technician at Diagnostics on Wheels
How I wish these were being made about 20 years ago!!!! It's a simple yet brilliant idea...19 mm two pound impact socket for breaking free crank pulley bolts. The extra mass truly makes a difference in the effectiveness: think "bigger hammer". Read more...
Xtunner CVD-9 Idutex Technology - Matt Herold, Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at ALLDATA Tech-Assist
For what you pay and what it is I'm comparing this truck code reader with my ELM/Torque Pro I use for automotive. Both are strictly for phones and tablets. Both have a very small dongle that I keep in my pocket for convenience. The CVD-9 software is extremely slow, and will give some false information. At first I almost returned it, then I gave it another chance and it's mediocre at best. It will take anywhere form 1-5 minutes to connect wit Read more...
Maximus Matco Tools - Benny Powell, Technician at Benny Powell
Since i cant give it a no star the only purpose that scan tool is for a paper weigh its a shame that they advertise it can do this that and then some okay yeah rite