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Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Eric Orta, Technician at A To Z
Flag Ship 1 I have purchased a few pcms with great result no issues . The last one was for a 08 Nissan Versa 1.8l I had to send it back 4 times including the old pcm so they can clone it and no good results I will put a salvage yard pcm before I deal with them again and their customer service is horrible I don't recommend it to anyone 👎Zero is really the rating they have earned this is what it is
ms906bt Autel - Stephen Webb, Technician at Aamco
Must say I love this product, the shop I work for already had snap-on scanners, this was something I bought for myself to fill the gaps in coverage snap-on missed. The pro's are that it has amazing coverage, on many vehicles more than snap-on and often more than launch, and has bi-directional functions needed as well as coding at a fairly low cost. The con's are slower graphing, sometimes glitchy on certain models, and lack of american obd1 Read more...
AutoLeap AutoLeap - Jason Luu, Technician/Owner at Apex Automotive Solutions
This shop management software is the best tool for my business. It is very easy to use and understand. The customer service is outstanding with every issue I've had was taken care of almost instantly. Even when I make suggestion on a feature to improve it or add a totally new one, they listen and make the changes or add the feature! It has everything and more when compared to other modern SMS out there but from my experience at a reasonable price Read more...
Tekmetric SMS AMO Autmotive Care - Adam Ostrom, Owner at AMO Automotive Care Co
Switched from evil "Shopkey Pro". So happy I did. System is way more user friendly, New features added all the time, and they don't cost any more!! with no new contract!! I have been using Tekmetric for two years now and they are willing to integrate or work to integrate with whatever software you need them to. Customer service is great whenever you call.
MaxiSys MS906BT Autel - Roger Liston, Owner at Expert Cycle Electrics USA
The product works as advertised, if you are patient and persistent, but there are a few cautions you should know before buying. First, don't buy it on Amazon, unless you want the scanner to work anywhere in the world. The Amazon vendor, "Autel Official," sounds like an authorized American seller, especially since they are on Amazon. However, "Autel Official," is a Chinese company, likely based in Hong Kong which just stocks Autel products in Read more...
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Dmitry Tepelboym, Technician at Tolker Auto Service
Don't use this company!!! they are very expensive and not customer friendly. They will stick you with contract and overcharge you !!!!!
Verus Pro Snap-on - Edward Gonzalez, Technician at Ed Gonzalez
all snap on scanners are over priced and can not do what many others can . I opted for an altel maxsys elite. comes with the j2534 and 2 years free update. can do many initiations on replacement modules and alot of bmw programming. good size screen and can do some upload/download program replacements. all for 2500$. updates if kept for more than 2 years is 850$. also supplied tech help - has some issue with vw key program and they helped me fi Read more...
Verus Pro Snap-on - Steve Guest, Technician at Workshop foreman,Golds Garages
I purchased a verus edge and I am not happy with it at all, I’ve had an EML on a vehicle illuminated yet the scanner says no codes ??? but trying other scan tools the code was there, I’ve had a Nissan where it wouldn’t read the engine computer yet if you did a full code scan it was there, I’ve also had it give me the run around with an SRS problem which it said was the drivers airbag and it turned out to be the passenger airbag, this is really no Read more...
Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Jeff Snyder, Owner/Technician at Integrity Auto Care
Ditto all the other reviews. Deplorable cust. service. No reply to emails or phone messages. Ridiculously long wait to get the ECM that had to be returned due to having a problem. The second one came quicker, but what a hassle to get it resolved. Vehicle finally worked ok. I won't buy from them again.
Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Stephen Pirritano, Owner/Technician at C & G Auto Repair Inc.
I would give them a zero star if I could. Same story as others ordered they said no problem we have it 7 days . Waited, called no response, e mail no response, finally I just back charged them. PayPal refunded money in less than a week. I dont understand these outfits, they dont want to lose a sale but their lies and poor service just drive you away. Its getting ruff at there for PCM's these companies just make it worse.