Review of Maximus Matco Tools

Robert Rathbun II Technician at Robert Rathbun II
This scanner is based off of Launch X431 software but uses a Windows platform. At the time I purchased mine, bluetooth connectivity was just starting to become mainstream. Compared to the earlier launch scanners its not half way bad. I like the fact there is a browser so I can leave it in the cradle at my toolbox and search for information on IATN or google while I am scanning the vehicle. The sensorbox option is great as it is a sensor emulator. It eliminates guesswork with wiring. The GM software on it is basically a Tech2 emulator. The most frustrating thing with launch software is there are many holes in the coverage so its not dependable when you need every option that a factory scanner has.

Overall its a decent scanner but with it being an earlier one, it is showing its age pretty fast and doesn't have the hardware to keep up with newer scanners which is probably why they released the Maximus 2.0 shortly after.

Edit: My review is based off the earlier Maximus which was Windows based not the 2.0 which is pictured here.