John Chaplin Owner/Manager at Metric Motorworks, Inc.
After reading the reviews of RO writer I felt compelled to review Maxx Traxx as the experience we have had is very positive overall. Have been running this program since 2006 and during that time it has crashed zero times. It has been up and running and available for our use every single business day for the last 12 years. It is very full featured, flexible, user friendly and affordable. Support is way better than average but I have had to use it only for help with understanding features, not bugs. Support is included with the monthly subscription fee as are all updates. When you call you get a person on the line live 100% of the time. No leaving messages and waiting. The cost is also quite reasonable with minimal upfront costs. We have a server and two work stations in the shop and pay 107 per month. When I was looking to replace my DOS system a dozen years ago I was quite confused about what I wanted or needed and a member here told me to go with Maxx Traxx and never look back. It was solid advice for me then and is still valid today. If changing from an inferior system is giving you anxiety call Scott Systems, run Maxx Traxx and never look back. If it doesn't do exactly a few things the way you want it's ok, it does enough extremely well that you will be happy. So why only 4 stars you may ask? Very little in my world gets five.