Jim O'Neill Owner/Technician at Chino Autotech
I've really just received my new RAP unit from Drew Technologies. I'm giving it 5 stars for the concept and implementation of what can be a real time saver for our shop. Our techs, skilled as they are, often avoid the flash programming of ECMs because of the necessity to stand-by like an E.R. doctor over a delicate patient. The warnings that accompany the instructions make some techs very nervous. Some manufacturers do not communicate their methodology well. I usually do what flashes we perform, but my time is better spent running the shop. The DREW RAP (Remote Access Programmer) is shipped to you for a credit card charge of $29.95. It is a rental. If you perform 2 flashes per month, billed to the CC on file with Drew at $125 per flash, the rental is free for that month. Otherwise your card is billed $20 for 1 month rental. The unit comes in a nice case about the size of the old Snappy scan tool & accessories box. The case contains a wireless tablet PC, a flash interface device with a DLC cord and connector, a wall plug to power it up as well as battery post terminals for 12v operation. When you have a car to update through the flash process, you simply plug in the unit, connect it to the vehicle's DLC, hook up your battery charger to the vehicle...and call DREW. They take it from there. Your tech is free to do other things while they finish the update and call you back to confirm its success. I may post a review after a few re-flash operations for a personal evaluation.
Daniel Fenti Owner at NC Transmission
DON'T FALL FOR IT!! I had a gen 1 and it was an absolute nightmare!!!! only about 50% of the time will they program the vehicle, they have a very small window of years and models they support, and the so-called customer service is terrible. $50 a month for having it in your shop, $125 per successful event, but $40 each time they check for you IF they can flash it!!! completely unhappy, they are making me pay to ship their crap back to them AN    Read More...
Edi Santay Technician at Royal Auto Service
I am wandering if they will work on vw, audi, benz?? and any one knows more information about it ??
Robert Duncanson Technical Information Specialist/Technician at Mobile Diagnostics & Programming, LLC
Jim, it sounds like you work for Drew Tech? You haven't even tried the RAP unit, (not saying it doesn't work) and you're touting it as a business plan. What about all the post-flash setups, that aren't J2534? What about cutting that second transponder key on the spot?
Scott Groen Owner at Last Ditch Diag & Prog
So I guess Scott Brown is OK with this ad on iATN........... SO DISAPPOINTED after all these years................