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Manager/Shop Foreman at Kirks Auto Center in Orange, New Jersey

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VSI-2534 ECU Reprogrammer DG Technologies
Overall very happy with my VSI. I've had it for a few years now, no real issues with it. Scan tool software that came with it, Palmer XL Scan standard leaves alot to be desired, but no real issues with the tool itself.

Quick to connect to vehicles, functions as advertised. The software interface can be a little clunky, but all in all, a solid tool.
I was quite excited to add this to my diagnostic arsenel. The potential to be able to visualize thermal properties is a huge help in many of the vehicles I see on a regular basis. The biggest drawback I have experienced with this tool is the resolution is not good. While I get that there are going to be surface features that may not show up with the greatest clarity on a thermal camera, there are much higher resolution options that will give obje Read more...