Review of AutoLeap AutoLeap

Jason Luu Technician/Owner at Apex Automotive Solutions
This shop management software is the best tool for my business. It is very easy to use and understand. The customer service is outstanding with every issue I've had was taken care of almost instantly. Even when I make suggestion on a feature to improve it or add a totally new one, they listen and make the changes or add the feature! It has everything and more when compared to other modern SMS out there but from my experience at a reasonable price. Beside saving time and effort when dealing with paper work, estimates, and invoices, it actually has improved business. It has helped my happy customers do more then just being happy, it effortlessly steers them to make Google reviews which gives me a bigger online foot print. I love it when I get a call from a new customer and they say "I came across your shop because of all the great reviews". I get incredible feedback from our customers and with the younger "mobile device" generation, this is everything they ask for when dealing with a service. I've written less than a handful of reviews in my lifetime. AutoLeap is more valuable than my 1/2" impact gun!!!