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This is a well thought out, well built product. This product makes describing something happening behind metal tubes visual for the students.

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "A/C System Trainer W/Orifice Tube by ConsuLab").
Low Current Probe with Custom Lead Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
I have a couple of these that AES customized. I have compared these probes to the standard non-shielded wire, and there is some improvement. The lead is more durable and can be color coded for easier channel identification. All of my probes have 10 foot shielded leads. Regardless of what DSO you own, AES will make you a lead that fits.
uMicroBackProbe Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
I have run into trouble back-probing many of the newer terminals that are very small and packed in tight at a PCM. These pins are very small and have insulation to prevent shorting them against each other.
LineSPI Smart BOB Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
This tool saves the DLC and saves your time. I have used this tool for many years and it is very durable and easy to use. There are other DLC BOBs out there, but this one doesn't require adapters for shrouded connectors, lays out the terminals for you, and has the LED lights to help.
uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
This kit makes testing super easy, and doesn't damage the vehicle in the process. As an added bonus this kit makes it easy to test air bag systems by adding a resistor in the place of the air bag module.
uScope Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
I love this little scope, it's extremely easy to use. This is a great scope to pull out for a quick test like a TP sensor sweep. It's also a great first scope, and I would recommend it to beginners or veteran diagnosticians.
uSignalTap - Wire Piercing Probe Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)
The probes are very low profile and don't require any adapters for the use with shrouded scope or meter leads. The price is great for this product as well.

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "uSignalTap - Heavy Duty Wire Piercing Probe by Automotive Electronics Services (AESwave)").