Lali Saran Technician at A+ Auto Service Center
Bought this tool wore sever scan tool...It will not connect to ISO band properly will freeze. . Connected to see live data on Mazda and will go to Zero values on data automatically like it have been disconnected and you have to restart whole application from scratch and re select all the pids you was working before it goes to shut mode every two minutes . Wont connect to HYBRIDS ...they will blame you or vehicle and if you tell them hey I Borrowed MODIS and it is connecting to the same module your tool wont Call the customer service Bill will tell you send me log files .,,,,then his response every time "At this point I don know here is the number for the engineer cal him and speak to him . Depending what you working on it wold be Jay or Jason ...they will tell you hey download new version it fixed ..guess not at all ....EVEN if its Sec. Air injection data for Toyo tundra or ..EVAP controls directional for the Toyota, Chevy,FORD (Alot other ) ..its not there ...there response i will take care of in few days ...I would be What are you talking about ? 2007 model and you missed all the by-directional and data pids for the AIR system which failed more frequent than anything else on these models about i have to send vehicle out CUZ cant diagnose it due to your shity Product/creation and I loose my client and revenue . IF you can connect to CHEVY (2010 and new) customer service response " oh we have not figured that out yet ....." what ??? ...what are you selling . in last year or so the time i have had this tool ..i spent more time sending these people files and screen shots to prove their shit do not work that diagnosing the vehicle and generation any thing for the shop . If you tell them hey your scan tool do not have an bi-direction for some component or some feature to perform testing on any particular component ....their response that this is not allowed by OEM ....then i would end up borrowing MODIS from other shop and send them the screen shots of MODIS showing to their face that hey MODIS does it guess only your shit is not capable of doing this........END of story do not and i say DO not waste your hard earned money with this half baked product ...First waste money then waste time trying to get these people to help you to make it work rather than fixing the Vehicle which is you real job .....these people are trial and ERROR ..and still wont fix it .......Not worth it you will loose clients more with this product ... MINUS rating if I could
Anthony Stephenson Technician at J&K Devitts Services
I just bought this thing with the ford bundle for diagnosing 6.0l diesel no starts .. kinda wish I hadn’t now .. my little Matco md85 told me just as much
James Corbett Technician at Corbett Automotive
Probably about dead-on. Haven't had near as many problems, but the few times I did call, I was offered no help at all.