Review of MaxiDAS DS708 Autel

Nathan Banke Educator/Instructor/Marketing Representative at ConsuLab
Excellent scan tool for an educational environment. Quick processor, easy menus and interface, touch screen that works, and NO BATTERY (this is a huge plus in schools). Updates at $800 are pricey yes, but most schools can get away with updating every second or third year to reduce costs with no penalty from the manufacturer. The bi-directional controls work well, graphing of data PIDs is quick and easy, and it works on a surprising number of models of vehicles and can access numerous modules. Hardware feels cheap but has proven tough (and somewhat student-proof) over time. Overall my go to suggestion when schools ask which scan tool to buy.

Would I suggest it for a high end diagnostic shop? No.

Would I buy one for my own use? No, I'd go for a bluetooth dongle and use my smartphone/computer.