Review of Cut-Off Tool Dewalt

James Kuhns Owner/Technician at Auto Tech Solutions
This 20v 3in. cutoff tool is quite a nifty tool. It's one of those things you don't realize you need till you get one. This one wont win a torque test with a standard 4 1/2in. grinder, but it will outperform any 12v (speaking from experience). The direction switch is priceless as you can direct sparks away from yourself. I use it mainly on exhaust, esp. clamps and sway bar links (like cutting the rusty end of a bolt off for easier removal). The LED is bright and well placed. It even has onboard wrench storage so u don't lose it. I've been very impressed with how cool it stays even after cutting for a while. I think it listed for about $180 tool only.