Review of Impact Gun Dewalt

James Kuhns Owner/Technician at Auto Tech Solutions
Got this mid-torque awhile ago, and thought I'd let u guys know how I like it. I've used it mainly on brakes and lug nuts and its been really impressive. There hasn't been any brake caliper bolt it hasn't backed out yet, which is saying alot. When I used it on axle nuts and frozen suspension parts it blown me away for being a mid-torque. It has 3 speeds besides a bolt removal mode which I find handy at times. The torque ratings are 600 forward and 800 break away, which real good numbers for cordless. The 20 second LED has 2 brightness modes and can be toggled off. Stores like Lowes etc. list it for around $229-249. The model # is DCF891. Overall A very solid gun, would recommend it to anyone.