Martin Smith Educator/Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology
The LineSpi Smart BOB is particularly valuable tool for instructors who facilitate network systems training activities, where bus measurements are frequently performed directly at the vehicle Data Link Connector. The LineSpi can be positioned conveniently, so that the instructor and students can all observe the tests and discuss the results together. It is also handy when utilizing various training mock-up boards where multiple test tools may be connected more efficently.

The LineSpi reduces unnecessary "wear and tear" of the DLC terminals. Training vehicles typically experience a much higher rate of scan tool and probe connections at the DLC, in comparison to customers' vehicles which may require minimal connections of scan tools or probes during their life time. With robust "banana plug" jack connectivity, the LineSpi allows for ease of "piggy backing" test leads and also allows the scan tool to remain connected while in use, if desired. AES wave "hit a home run" with the LineSpi Smart BOB!