Steven McGrew Technician at European AutoHaus
Establishing communication is a chore with this tool and sometimes it will just stop communicating and you have to start over.

I thought at least the Generic OBDII functions of this tool would be useful, but even that part of it is troublesome at times.

Tech support was kind of rude when I emailed them about what settings I should use.

When the scan tool works it's great, but it's just not reliable enough. Too many bugs in the software or something. I wish it worked better because I like the idea of it. Seems like it's in the "beta" testing phase but this product has been out for a long time. They need to hire some experienced programmers to work out all the bugs or start over from scratch.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "ScanTool by AutoEnginuity").
Dewey Carlson Owner at Dewey Carlson
Scan tools works great for me, if no connection, remember the tool has male terminals. The DLC port is female terminals, check pin drag if she has enough clamping, if pin drag is good, then harness issue. , no com. Diagnosis the vehicle. DSO time.
Clifford Hedrick Technician at Tire Tracks
I have used it for 2yrs no problem !enhanced features let you see everything!1 hookup all modules,make sure you have good conections