Greg Piquette Technician at Riverside Automotive
Overall, I would not recommend.

Only fully functional on the Maxisys Tablet, the PC software is far from user friendly and limited in functionality. The leads are cheap and clearly manufactured by Hantek and as such have poor shielding and are very prone to interference. The record function works sporadically at best. It does display cleanly and fast. The lack of a proper recording function or review able cache makes this a poor choice for chasing intermittent issues.

Tried to be a Pico, using Hantek Hardware, and probably less functional than a Hantek.
Jeremy Spencer Technician at Checks muffler center
Have you guys ran into an issue with noise on these scopes? If i scope a signal pattern on an o2 sensor I cannot tell what is noise and what is an actual waveform. Not sure if it has a filter like other scopes?
Rob Schuver Owner at Rockmart Automotive and Towing
Did you use it with a MaxiSys? I have not experienced a problem with recording function. I have only used mine with my Maxisys tablet.