David Lang Owner/Technician at Independent Vehicle Service
The other reviews of ATS's Bull's Eye leak detection have really said it all and yet I can't refrain from adding my own congratulations to ATS for coming up with this easy to use system for locating leaks in all closed systems and giving the industry a quick and fool proof method of testing for combustion gasses in the cooling system. We've been using the system for two years now and have found many head gasket leaks that the color changing dyes missed or that would have gone undiagnosed had we not developed the protocol of testing every suspected over heat that comes in with the Bull's Eye detector. The test its self is completed before the dye apperatus can be assembled over the coolant reservoir and the results are clear and accurate. As a head gasket tester the tool is worth the price of admission and this doesn't begin scratching the surface of its use and potential. Pinpointing EVAP leaks and their size is huge. The system often doesn't know or care if there are multiple small leaks contributing to the MIL on for small leak. With the Bull's Eye we can be sure that all of the existing leaks are repaired before the vehicle leaves. This has prevented several possible come backs that would have had to been repair under warranty or customer good will. It's much better to get paid upfront for finding the additional problems before the car returns than embarrassment of having to explain why this week it's something else. Ever had either a high dollar wheel on an exotic or some expensive flashy bling wheel you just put tires on that runs low every say month? We have and we've been able to locate the casting porosity causing when submersion for hours didn't show a bubble. Active air suspension leaks can be hugely costly on BMW's, Land Rover's, Volvo's and others. It's no fun chasing these small and worse having a customer return after dropping a couple of thousand on the system only to return two weeks later with the "same" problem.