Review of XPR-12CL Bend-Pak

Michael Robinson Service Advisor/Technician at SaabWorks
My employer purchased this lift to better service 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. I am the primary user. We use it on a range of vehicles from tiny BMW Z3s to diesel F-350s and everything in between. The triple telescoping arms are great for reach but start off just too high for many vehicles that are not trucks. The standard extended height is great and makes a huge difference when compared to the lift I used to have. But that's where the positives end.

First of all, this lift is impossibly slow. Published time to rise is 45 seconds. Initially it took 1 minute and 27 seconds to fully rise, unloaded. Bend-pak (BP) claimed, spuriously, that loading the lift with a heavy truck would make it rise faster. This was obviously not the case. After several weeks of email support complaints we received a new motor assembly to install. It now takes 1:24 to fully rise, a whopping 3 seconds better. It's just as slow going down too. You get tired of pushing on the lock release lever because it requires so much effort to operate.

Speaking of the lock lever, you better be 110% tuned in to where the locks are because the lift doesn't go up or down level. The left side (control side) rises faster but sinks first, and sinks a LOT more when lowering. No amount of adjustment has helped. Our floors are the best floors I've ever seen and the pillars are installed plumb and true. We still had to shim the pillars to stop a drastic arm-height discrepancy because the pillar bases aren't level.

Make sure to have hearing protection handy when raising the lift because the locks engage with a ear drum-damaging BANG. They're so loud you can feel it in your feet as you wear out your thumb muscle holding the lift button in.

BP even claimed that the lift would get faster as it broke in. This was false as well. They didn't even bother to make sure the motor assembly was wired correctly before sending a replacement. We had of course checked it and it was fine.

Now that we're 2 months in, the right piston is leaking. And not a small leak, this is a large leak. After BP again claimed this was the reason why the lift was so slow (what a joke), they informed us that the piston assembly is on back order. Awesome. Email tech support attempted to close out the help ticket because they "hadn't received" our replies when in fact we had replied.

In review: -The lift is unacceptably slow. -The overall quality is low. -It is far too noisy. -It leaked almost immediately and can't be remedied. -Their claim of the best after-sale support is incorrect.

Do not buy this lift.
Donald Lewis Owner/Manager at Don's Automotive
Sounds like one would be much better off with a $2k lift made in China. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx