Review of TPMS5 Snap-on

Michael Robinson Manager/Technician at Milford AutoWorks
We purchased the TPMS5 as an upgrade from our ancient TPMS3 that worked, but was clunky and needed another (costly) update. We service all makes and models and needed something that booted quickly and would program sensor IDs via OBD when necessary as well as program Schrader EZ-Sensors.

The user interface is slick and easy to get along with, being based on an android OS. The screen is vibrant and clear, even in sunlight and the colors are rich. Updates over Wi-Fi were quick. Programming or cloning EZ Sensors was straightforward. OBD resets did not take long.

However - regarding its most basic function, the tool is exceptionally flawed. Almost immediately after implementing it in the shop, techs started reporting that it would not pick up sensors. These problems occurred on vehicles that came in with no TPMS warning lamp and needed tire rotations. After several weeks of frustrating use we had confirmed that the TPMS5 refuses to talk to some sensors, even when the sensors are operating. We got our TPMS3 back from our franchisee and did side-by-side comparisons of the two tools. The TPMS3 would read all sensors on all vehicles and the TPMS5 would not be able to pick up at least one sensor on most vehicles. I would estimate that the TPMS5 picked up 4 working sensors about 20% of the time. This is obviously 100% unacceptable.

I contacted support (done by Ateq) and they had me do a factory reset. This did not help. We updated the tool and then forced it to do a "secret update" - this also did not help.

Our franchisee got us another TPMS5 after a long lead time. We aren't sure if this was because the tools were not available or if he just didn't believe us. The second unit also exhibited the exact same behavior. Our franchisee heard from a rep, somewhere, that holding the test button down increases the "strength" of the listening the tool does for the sensor signal. This seemed to increase the amount of sensors picked up but we were still left with ~50% of our TPMS services as major time wasters. Time wasted = money lost, and I've spent way too much time trying to help my techs do the most basic TPMS resets. This tool is a major waste of money and time. Do not buy it.
James Kuhns Owner/Technician at Auto Tech Solutions
We have the exact same issue with ours. But our Snap-On guy claims that it's better than the previous models. Very disappointed with our unit.
Thomas McKeown Technician at NYC Transit System
After buying the TPMS3 in 2013 for $1800 only for Snap-on to discontinue it stop all support and updates a year later. I was done buying their stuff. Obsolete before it was even paid off. Seriously, how much would it cost to write an update to keep an $1800 dollar one task tool running for a t least 5 years after a person buys it.
Ken Palmer Technician at Son's Automotive
I have an autel ts508.... It can only program autel tpm sensors but the tool has been great....so far we have not had any autel tpm sensors come back either..