Justin Hartman Consultant/Technician at Jackson's Auto Care
Let me start off by stating that I almost never review anything, but THIS TOOL REQUIRES YOUR ATTENTION. I bought it directly from the company through their website. Shipping was prompt. It is very seldom that I find something that works as well as advertised, as well as I need it to, and surprises me with its effectiveness. This tool does all of that. I used this on an exhaust stud in the cylinder head on a Ford V10. The extraction attempt had already been botched by another shop, and left the outside of the hole so mangled that my extractor broke off in the leftover stud in the midst of backing it out. Other tool(truck) vendors burrs/bits would not touch it. Even a solid carbide drill bit(from Matco) that cost more than twice as much as this. I chucked this up in my die grinder(you need a 1/8" collar adapter for this specific size), and went to town on it with very high speed. It cut through the broken extractor remains so fast that I thought I had just gone through the stud material, but it really just cut that well and SO fast. It literally turns the material to dust. Follow the directions: NO LUBE and use a rotating, angular motion like you are trying to wallow out a hole, and it will do you justice. I will NO LONGER live in fear of breaking off an extractor, it works SO WELL! The company has a variety of sizes, and each bit is double ended. You can even get them with a different cutting head on each end. I highly recommend, and have passed the info along to my tool guys for them to consider stocking on their trucks.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Rescue Bit by Rescue Bit").
Jim Dixon Owner at Jim Dixon
Wow! Thanks for the tip Justin. Sure wish I had these back when. But back then, all the "old timers" would keep EVERYTHING to themselves. iATN has sort changed that "dynamic" and I'm glad of It! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna go and give these guys some business to help make sure they stick around. GOODONYA!
Dan Childers Technician at Tigard SUV
I have purchased 3 different sizes from my Cornwall guy and I agree 100%. I also went ahead and bought the high speed pencil die grinder for a very tight access on a Hemi Durango and these bits worked like a champ.