Phil Sutton Technician/Owner at Nor Cal Automotive
I've used "Auto Enginuity" for about 8 years now, other than my hand held scanner it is the only scanner that i have with enhanced capabilities. As many have said, when it works, it is great! However i have had many a time when the thing would not communicate with certain vehicles or modules for no apparent reason and most recently in trying to reset an Audi gauge cluster oil maintenance light (Which can only be reset with a computer 2014 model year) it just would not do it, tech support couldn't help me out in the end i sent the customer home with the mmi reset but gauge cluster still saying maintenance required. Now what it is great for is domestic vehicles especially diesel trucks! I work on a lot of 99'-04' ford 7.3L trucks and it has great functionality and testing capabilities. So all in all, id say in my experience good for domestic, ok for Asian and very hit or miss on European. Its not horrible for the price.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "ScanTool by AutoEnginuity").