Kyle Northrop Owner/Technician at Helena Import Repair
I used this program for 2-3 years, while it was decent to get started it lacked in many ways. They make you sign a contract which renews if you make any changes to the program (adding CRM,texting, etc) The system is a legacy system at best. Think 90's tech here. I made do with it as I don't like change. One day I had several unauthorized charges on my business credit card. I had to get a new card/number, etc.. In my busy day to day I guess I didn't update the card with Mitchell. Since I never got a phone call, email, etc.. I didn't think anything of it and went on about my business. 4 months after the card was changed, I can't get into the invoicing system on a Friday afternoon. I call customer service, get transfered to some delinquent account rep. He was a complete jerk on the phone, tells me I haven't paid in 5 months, etc.. I look into my business account and sure enough it had not been coming out of the account. I figured out because of the card thing what happened. I explained to the kid what happened and said I'd fix it Monday morning as I had several jobs closing that day and needed to get back to it. The kid basically tells me they'll turn in back on when I pay them 5 months worth of the monthly fee. I explain that first we only owe 4 months, second we had a problem with the card and why didn't anyone reach out month 1 when it wasn't getting paid? He's like we emailed you at this email. Email they had was wrong. He blames my account salesman for writing it down wrong (maybe this is why I never got the training links to use this ancient system?) Anyway long story long the kid is going to hold us hostage so we can't close out $4500 in invoices on a Friday afternoon. I call the salesman for help who dodges me. I call back and plead with them to just let us close out the day and I'll fix it Monday. Nope, no help at all. I tell this kid I've been a good customer, always paid before and it's a misunderstanding on a couple levels (card, email wrong). I tell him basically if I have to hand write invoices to finish the day on Monday we will have a new invoicing system. He told me fine go ahead. Monday morning we paid the amount owed, and he tried to explain how to get the system to work again and I said no we are on a new system. This is the last money we are giving you. That was it. Still get calls every few months trying to get us to come back. A little compassion from their end in a misunderstanding and we would still be customers. Now with a cloud based system with DVI/Texting/online payment taking/no contracts . Would never go back to Mitchell.
Greg Henas Owner/Technician at Greg's Auto Service L.L.C.
same thing happen to me, missed a payment in February 2021 and they start tilling me about it a year later. Called up to find out when I didn't pay and they said Nov. 2021, no I paid that have my bank statement to prove it. So this January 2022 with the billing department on the phone I went through whole 2021 years file to find the missed payment in February. Mitchel couldn't till me which month it was a year later!
James George Owner at Eve's Automotive
Was really close to pulling the plug on this as I needed something a bit more robust than Quickbooks.

Can you tell me which system you use? I will also try to email you as well.    Read More...