Review of Verus Edge Snap-on

Kevin Manuel Owner/Technician at Syntech Motorsports
This tool is fast, well thought out and king of the diagnostic world. The speed of the full system scan or health report is incredible. Im not going to get into detail but if you're in the market for a new scan tool feel free to get in touch with me and we can chat.
Kevin Manuel Owner/Technician at Syntech Motorsports
I've owned multiple scan tools... I have multiple scan tools. I use a pass-thru to run OEM level. When I posted this comment it was the leader in speed for full system scanning. The newest one we use now is from AllData, which is quite fast for a full system scan however, it's still not as powerful as the Snap-On Verus. If you're not using this tool to its full potential it's not worth the money... but if you use it with the 4-channel scope,     Read More...
Ralf Valcourt Owner/Technician at Ralf's Automotive Service
Go back to school if you really believe that! It has way to LITTLE functionality for the Price and updates are way to expensive.