Francois Vezina Technician at Wayne Toyota
Fantastic cordless tool, running on the M12 series of batteries. Enough power for day to day shop work, such as caliper bolt/pin removal, exhaust work, interior work, etc. Small enough to fit into tight spaces with comparable power to (3/8) air impact guns. Battery life is very good; with the 4.0AH battery, going a week between charges is not a problem, with the gun seeing fairly consistent day to day use. Battery life is less with the standard M12 battery, but still good nonetheless. I do recommend getting the 4.0AH battery not only because it offers a base for the gun to stand on, but the weight of the battery helps offset the top heavy feel of the gun, which is especially noticeable with the light standard battery. 250 ft/lbs of toque is available at your fingertips with this tool, as well as a 4-way multi selector for different torque tightening settings, ranging from full power to a 5-8 ft/lb torque bolt seating setting so you don't over torque (or break) small bolts by accident.

Excellent tool addition to any box.