Review of Verus Pro Snap-on

James Mason Owner at All Car Shop
At first the Verus appeared to be an asset, since it contained wireless internet, wireless communication to the vehicle module, 4 channel lab scope, image capture and so many other features. But it soon became apparent the typical $300 cell phone offers the same capabilities, so that doesn't justify the expense itself? Then considering the outdated processor, 500k memory capability and ancient hard drive system? Long boot up times, constant glitches, freezing screens, causing long delays in diagnosing the vehicles problems, while trying to diagnose the Verus problems. For 3 times what other very capable scanners cost, then adding insult to injury $2,000 a year for updates.

Unless Snap On turns things around in a hurry, this will be our last Snap On scanner.
Shawn Day Educator/Instructor at J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center, Somerset County MD
I had the same issues. The tech hotline doesn't do much and the camera feature works when it wants to and then have fun finding your saved data.
Peter Colcord Owner/Technician at Integrity Automotive Services Ltd
Just bought a used Verus Pro running 16.2 to compare with all other scan tools that we run here. Boot up times are sure slow I agree! I do like the scope and capture features. We also use Pico, Launch, Hantek and DSC pocket scopes, so it fits in the roll of ease of use nicely there.! A little slow in comparison to my Launch pads, Autel and Autoland units when getting out of functions but hasn't glitched yet and reads codes fast in most models. I     Read More...
Stephen Arnold Owner at Motech
I've been cold on Snap On tech for a while now. No real new scanner capabilities, they still fall behind the competition in many enhanced functions (although it's admittedly getting better), but there's two--ok, three--things that bug me bad: 1. That eternally slow boot-up time 2. The true element that set them apart from the competition--Troubleshooter--has now been eliminated, and subbed out for a subscription fee! 3. When you try to perform a     Read More...
James Deewester Owner/Technician at Little Pines Services
I have to agree. Upgraded to the pro last December. Yes it's slow. having to reboot it a lot when changing vehicles. And make sure to keep it plugged in to charger, battery life is about 3-4 hrs at best. The laptop itself would have been mediocre 5 years ago, now it's outdated. I expected much much more for the cost of this thing. I havt to agree that the scope is state of the art. Still doesn't make up for cost.