Bill Hamilton Owner/Technician at Bill's Auto Repair
Had a bad experience with the scan tool in terms of unreliable data and customer service. When I had issues they did not want to take action to correct the poor operation of the tool and would rather put the blame on the user. I gave it away. It is a DIY scanner at best. I now have a maxidas as my back up to my factory tools. It blows the doors off of the auto enginuity in every way.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "ScanTool by AutoEnginuity").
Michael Minich Owner/Technician at Texas Auto Service Center
I too have found AutoEnginuity at best to be a DIY consumer grade device. I never use it anymore... Long ago I purchased it primarily because I saw occasional screen shots in trade publications, thus thought 'it must be decent'. After purchasing the tool and using it, I was disappointed in its lack of depth of coverage.