Bill Hamilton Owner/Technician at Bill's Auto Repair
I bought the tool specifically for finding AC leaks. The detector works very poorly for the small types of leaks that you find with AC. Soapy bubbles very easily find the leaks this tool misses. I had an obvious compressor leak that was bubbling like crazy and the detector barely picked it up. I had a small pinhole leak in a hose and held the detector up to it for 2 minutes right in the stream and 2 minutes directly underneath it and did not pick up anything. Very sensitive to your breath too, so I hold my breath as much as I can and breath away from tool and vehicle. The leak detector solution works well as long as the surface you are working with is completely clean. The detector seems to work well for head gasket leaks (I think). I detected C02 in the the coolant system of a diesel, but they had no symptoms of anything. I was just experimenting. I lost alot of income trying to convince myself I could make this work....
Bill Hamilton Owner/Technician at Bill's Auto Repair
Sorry guys. I missed your comments. I have found ATS very easy to deal with. They are sending out a new sensor in an attempt to correct any issues. I have been using C02 from a Q tank and usually regulate around 160 PSI. I really put this thing through the paces. About 14 hrs or so of dedicated time to try and "learn the tool" after researching the instructions online before I purchased. It without a doubt was not picking up leaks that were found    Read More...
David Lang Owner/Technician at Independent Vehicle Service
Bill something's wrong and I'm sure that ATS will take care of it. We've found many small leaks by evacuating the system and charging it to just 60psi of CO2. It's also easy to run it up to more than 100. We've got a couple of larger commercial bottles that are cheap to refill.
Jerry Truglia Educator/Instructor at Automotive Technician Training Services
Bill what pressure were you using on the AC system? I have found very small leaks in the evaporator and in lines and condenser that dye or the AC J leak tool could not locate. regards
Richard Kahl Owner/Technician at Richs Automotive
Hey Bill You should give Ava a call over at ATS. She can help you get your unit fixed if your having a problem. Wonderful people that go the extra mile. 505 265 5077 She is the one that repairs and test the leak detectors. I had a similar issue with mine she took care of it. it was to sensitive. Hope this helps