Anthony Lucido Owner/Technician at CoAuto
The go to tool for drivability and fuel trim diagnostics. Gather loads of data in a simple test drive, save and analyze when you get back to the shop. Automotive test solutions has the go to tools for diagnosing vehicles quicker. Mapping the fuel trims and performing the volumetric efficiency test are two of my favorite functions of the tool. They have a new version which can measure acceleration, deceleration and a relative compression test, it just gets better. This is a tool for someone who get those tough vehicles in, someone who works on a lot of different makes and models, the technician who wants the best in their tool box. I grind my technicians when they are diagnosing cars, did you use the E-scan? We all know how important fuel trims are right? Wait until you map the fuel trims across different driving parameters and it is saved in a color format for your viewing and the clients. Try an E-scan, I would not operate a modern shop without one.