Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at Continental Imports in Gainesville, Florida

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iATN members who have been around a while will recognize my name as a strong proponent for factory OE tooling. Our shop Continental Imports is a European specialty shop and our main specialty is MB and BMW. Since NASTF opened up the independent world to access to factory tooling and software, we have had it. Our biggest problem through the years has been Jaguar and Land Rover. We had went with Autologic to handle those brands because aside fr Read more...
MaxiSys Pro Autel
I give the Maxisys three stars, but that is a hard choice. A tool like this has so many categories to review. On its overall coverage it has to get a five. I don't know of any tool that offers access to more cars. But, herein lies the beginning of its worst quality. It gives the user a level of confidence that is definitely undeserving.

Our shop of twelve techs uses OE diagnostic computers for all the cars we work on. The twelve techs Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "MaxiSYS Pro MS908P by Autel").