John Lauder Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Fourstar Transmissions
Never owned a battery operated impact driver but when I changed jobs, all the other Tech's at my new job had them. The all had 14 volt Snap-on guns. I used them and felt they had good power and battery life. I went to buy one, Snap-on now offered an 18 volt model which is suppose to be stronger and have better battery life. DON'T BELIEVE IT! The other guy's in the shop laugh every time I try to loosen a tough bolt and the 18 volt can't do it. They take there 14 volt gun and the bolt comes right off. If you own a 14 volt and the battery's are going bad, buy new battery's don't upgrade to the 18Volt. The only nice thing about the 18 Volt battery is the meter that shows the battery charge. I only give it 2 Stars
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "18Volt 3/8 Impact Driver by snapon").