Dan Solomon Owner/Technician at Solomons Auto and Truck Repair
the 1/4" M12 2456-20 ratchet is everything a 1/4" ratchet needs to be. my son purchased some of these Milwaukee products about 3 years back and I gave him much grief over purchasing a battery-powered tool over the air tools we had. after a while, I was using his and liked them so much I purchased several of their M12 Fuel-Tool lines. the Milwaukee tools have come a long way from the old (15 years) ago battery-powered tools and since using his I have purchased their 2488-20 soldering gun, 2557-20 3/8" ratchet, 2553-20 1/4 impact driver, 2503-20 1/2" drill and their 3/8" stubby impact. I don't even get my air tools out anymore or my extension cords for the soldering gun, it heats up faster than the gas-powered soldering tools out there also. I would give all the products mentioned above 5 stars but I'm too lazy to write that many separate reviews. I purchase the tools separately tools only, purchased 2 chargers and several batteries and I intend in the near future of adding a couple more M12 items-angle drill and I may start some of their M18 tools also. my son purchased their M18 vacuum cleaner its really sweet. all the tools came with a 5-year warranty and work far better than my expectations. the M12 complete line is exceptional for our field, their quality is so high I'm addicted to their products now.
Daniel DiSilvio Technician at Fairfax Service Center
Totally agree! I have the 3/8 stubby impact, 3/8 brushless ratchet, and just got the new 3/8 right angle impact. All are great tools with great warranties. I had a tab break on my battery that was almost 3 years old and they replaced it without issue. If you're thinking about getting any milwaukee electric tools you won't regret it. 3/8 stubby impact is my favorite