Kevin Grilliot Owner at K&M Imports Inc
10,000 pound Asynchronous lift.

Purchased this lift through my parts distributor. Lift arrived via freight truck in a timely manner.

Self-installed the lift, as I do every time I add a lift on.

First impressions, the lift columns look used. They are beat up, deep scratches all over, like they were dragged across the floor on all sides. (side note, the lift columns were bolted together using steel angle iron for shipping, and wrapped very well with shrink wrap so no possible way all sides could be damaged in shipping) The electric motor came in a box (undamaged) wrapped in bubble wrap. It too looked like it had been dragged across the floor as well. Arms look new. Overall, seems to be made of quality materials.

OK, on to installation. Instructions were close to correct, and easy to read. The first few steps were already completed as shipped? ok Top channel has too much going on. The equalizer cables, the safety release cable, and the hydraulic line all share the same area with no way to keep things separated. Had to "engineer" my own fix to keep the moving cables off the hydraulic line. Get it "mostly" installed. Realize I have missing parts. One of the main equalizer cable pulleys is missing. The pulleys came pre installed, so I am 100% sure I didn't lose it.

THIS is where you separate the men from the boys. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you handle it that makes the difference.

I called my rep, he called his rep, who called Danmar. Danmar promptly calls me back. WONDERFUL! Good customer service is a breath of fresh air. But wait, there's more! Danmar rep tells me they will ship out asap. Should be here in 3-4 days. SWEET! Week and a half later, still no pulley. Somebody's got a frownie face :( Call my rep, rep calls Danmar. Guy says, "I don't know why they would tell you it would be there in three days, we just got them in." So after some conversation, they agree to ship the part THREE DAY, not overnight. (mind you this part would fit in your pocket). Then my rep calls back and gets a supervisor. Finally talks them in to overnight shipping. Sheesh. Part FINALLY arrives. Finish installing, setup and testing. Danmar customer NO service (as Clark Howard would say) is poor at best.

Ok finally, on to operation. Lift arms are too long. Very difficult to line up the car to lift it. A couple inches too far forward, and the rear arm is past the rear lift point. A couple inches too far back, and the front arm is past the lift point. This is poor design. Should have used shorter three stage arms instead of two stage. Lift speed is good. Safety latch clank is not too loud. Past that, it operates as it should.

Overall, I would not buy this product again.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "D10-ACX Lift by Danmar").
Ken Horton Owner at Black and Yellow Garage
Hey Kevin I have this lift too. Mine arrived with scraches as well however I attributed the damage to the shipping company. The rubber pads on the lift arms will get eventually get damaged on some lift points. I ordered replacement pads but I did not want them to become trashed so I ordered 12 hockey pucks to place on the pads. The pucks are as tall as the lift pads so in some of those awkward times I place a puck on the arm inside of the pa    Read More...