Review of Maximus Matco Tools

Joseph Carri Technician at Orr Auto
I had the Maximus 2.0 for two years, like anything there is pros and cons with this tool. I will start by saying the tablet is very attractive and feels economical. The obd1 adapters are very useful and come in a very well put together molded case. There is plenty of add ons that make this tool powerful, like a bore scope, oscilloscope, sensor box and battery tester. That being said this tool has absolutely zero support! Matco can not help with any issues and will give you the run around. I contacted higher up management with issues and was told to pound sand. After many frustrating months from constantly loosing Bluetooth connectivity I contacted Launch, the manufacture of this tool. A representative from the company came out and replaced my obd2 dongle. That worked temporary and long story short I was given a brand new replacement tool. Launch was very helpful but I still didn't have much faith in the tool. I have other Launch tools that are far superior quality for a fraction of the price. The main problem with this tool is the software, Launch engineers are from China. Navigating the Menu within the tool is a combination of engineer linguistics and broken English. I will say that the tool gets better with every update, however this tool needs a lot of work to bring it up to the caliber of its competitors for around the same price. The Maximus is a mixed bag, We know that with different manufactures of scan tools and software rights your are limited to data pids, misfire counters and bidirectional controls. Mixed bag again, with this thing you never know what you will get. My advice is to steer clear of this tool. Do more research on whats going to work best for your application and spend your hard earned cash on something better.