Richard Gehring II Technician/Shop Foreman at Hunts Auto
I recently Purchased this unit with the understanding that I would do a good share of used component programming, it took 2+ months to arrive and when I attempted my first program of a used ecm for a dodge caravan , one of the first screens on the unit indicates it does do any used component programming, called in for a program appointment and found they could not program this ecm and they only can program GM and FORD used components!! I understand not all used components can be programmed but I know for a fact many more than just GM and Ford can be. Bottom line, it would be great if all customers could afford newer vehicles and repairs with new components all the time, but that's not the world I live in! I will say I have used the older Drew technologies programmer and it did work great on the new and reman stuff.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Pass Thru Pro 3 by Snap-on").