David Hodges Jr Owner at David Hodges Jr
I have a Launch Pad II, I have been very happy with it for a couple years. It does a lot the other tools won't do, or it did. A few months ago they did some update and ever since then it fails to communicate with Chevrolet older vehicles. It will work fine on a 2018, failed on a 2011, two different 2005 years and most recently a 2006 Chevy equinox. The tool works fine on fords and several others including a BMW and a Jag. I have sent in feedback several weeks ago and the status shows "in process". I called Launchtech USA and the guy had such a "Department of Motor Vehicles" attitude I gave up and hung up. This used to be a good toll and maybe will be again, but right now you can't afford for this to be your main bi directional tool. I Bought another brand hoping they will eventually fix this one. It's not looking good. I don't know what happened to the quality or the support but both seem to be gone.
Wesley Main Owner at Street Smart Diagnostics
After switching to Autel I haven't looked back. Support used to be kinda hit or miss but recently it's been great. I currently have the 906BT and IM608. the New Elite looks awesome as well.