Kelly Garvey Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Complete Auto Systems
Ive played on and off with their products for over a year. Pricewise. they are primarily a competitor for Launch and the middle Autel lines. Id say they are an equal value to the tools they compete with for a general service shop. All 3 companies have scanners aimed and ranged at Service and Diag in the 300-1k range. So far they are NOT a threat to the higher line tools (2000-3000 range) as they lack reflash and some coding and Bidirectional even on the higher end Foxwell tools. But the basics are well covered and they are adding all the time. So far, fewer connection stability issues than Launch Tablet (which does it JUST often enough to annoy, close and reboot and it always works). Things like security, pin reading, cas-dme learns...are not in foxwells playlist so far. But if you need to reset a service lamp, learn a steering angle sensor, or pull codes from major far its worked decently well. (SOME modules are not on its list, but its fairly well populated for a low price range tool. Bi Directionals are similar or even more than SnapOn in some cases. Autel has more (when they work), Autologic has more...and they ALL work. Yes, Id recommend it as an alternative tool. Especially for someone who wants a maintenance and diag companion tool to a high end autel or an autologic or an OE tool for low dollars with high feature count for the buck. Its cost effective, gets updates regularly, and it doesnt feel CHEAP like a few of the chinese tools. Be careful when shopping Foxwell products the 1st time. Higher or lower product number ISNT what determines features or cars covered or power level. It gets confusing, just go to the foxwell site and read up so you dont accidentally get say the 650, thinking it was the power player...and then find out the 644 is actually the more packed complete tool.