Kelly Garvey Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Kelly Garvey
Just to be fair, FS1 has been pushing to take over a fair chink of the reman ECU market, and as a result, for certain numbers they may end up being the only game in town. I found this on multiple occasions with some Powerstroke PCMs that have been obsolete for a decade, Cardone said none in stock, Ford dealer parts room laughed, but FS1 had them. We ordered 3 ECMs from them specifically because they had it when nobody else did. 2 of them were mostly fine. They have a policy requirement that they program it for you offboard. Which is great in the HEY ITS PLUG AND PLAY I DONT HAVE TO SECURITY UNLOCK OR INSTALL SOFTWARE ideal, BUT its less great if you have your own ideas and just want a unit with a driver circuit that works. There were some where I ended up having to reflash it again to get the desired calibration, or one where they put in the wrong flash and it was for wrong equipment). But 98% of the time its probably helpful and preferable they preprogram the units. I had one that was defective. A different problem than the original, definitely a defect. They asked a bunch of questions, had an "engineer" review data with me to determine if the fault was in fact the ECU or the diag/install (Of course it was the part!! You think I enjoy this and do it for kicks?!?! Besides, Yes, I oassed the how to make a house with Legos course, so I can Diag an open driver ECM fault). After that, they shipped a new one out that showed up much faster than the 1st one. The original order was SLOW, like 3 weeks, the replacement was I think 4 or 5 days. The replacement worked properly.

They are brutally slow, and I know others have had issues. But I can say they havent done anything to make me hate them yet, Especially on the older Ford units that were unobtainable elsewhere...they had them, they solved a problem and got the car delivered.