Jerry Truglia Educator/Instructor at Automotive Technician Training Services
BullsEye has been the most helpful tool that I have recently acquired. The tool is simple to use and finds the hardest small leaks in AC systems, EVAP, Oil leak (even porous valve covers), tires and wheels or anything that can leak. I have been so impressed that I have written over 6 articles in Motor Age magazine and have review the product on our YouTube channel (tstseminars) over 10 times if not more. Please go review real world hard to find leaks appear right in front of your eyes. We used the tools at least a half dozen times a week...your welcome to stop by and see for yourself if you are in the area. The first time I used the tool was on a 2003 Jeep Liberty that had been to the dealer and another shop, they could not find the leak even though they had replaced every EVAP component. The BullsEye tool found a small EVAP leak that was caused by a porous gas tank. I could not believe that the tank was bad since there was no sign of any fuel leak or stain. I even dropped the tank and removed all the fuel trying at first to find the leak with my good smoke machine that I still use and trust, but it was no able to detect the leak. I then used the BullsEye leak kit and located the leak with the detector and used the foam to confirm the leak. Check out my Motor Age EVAP article (by G Truglia) and the YouTube channel. As a tech and an instructor i have recommended this tool to many of my students (techs and shop owners) that now agree with me that if you really want to find small leaks just use BullsEye. One great tool ! If you have any questions contact me and I will be willing to explain how easy the tool has made my diagnostic approach to finding small leaks of any kind.