Brian Farmer Technician at Performance Motors
This tool has fixed 5 cars that other techs failed to find the issue due to testing voltage on an open circuit. The most impressive find was for a Jaguar XJ6 cooling fan motor. Relay would click and the fan would not turn on. Checked voltage at fan connector using fan ground and that check showed 12.6v. Press the LoadPro button and the voltage dropped to 0V. Moved the ground lead to the chassis and got the same result = Issue is on the power side. Diagram showed an intermediate harness connector behind the LF headlight. Visual inspection of the connector was OK. I used a diamond spade file on the pins, pinched the female pins a bit and reconnected. Second test revealed that the voltage drop issue was fixed and the fan was working properly.

2006 Jetta 2.5 no fuel pressure. Load pro on the fuel pump power and ground pins showed battery voltage. Press the Loadpro button and voltage dropped to 0V. Moved the Loadpro negative lead to chassis ground. Test showed no voltage drop = Issue is on the ground side. Removed RR trunk trim to access ground stud. Visual inspection looked OK but when I touched the stud it fell off. The stud was hanging on by next to nothing possibly due to being over tightened.

My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that the lead probe tips are super soft and I have broken two of them. Both were warrantied by the Matco dealer with no issue. That and the leads tips are threaded so none of my accessories work with them properly.

That being said it is a MUST HAVE tool for proper system diagnosis. Makes checking module power and ground extremely easy and fast while leaving no room for error or second guessing.