Jeremy Spencer Technician at Check's Muffler Center
Not accurate at all. Crooked steering wheels, wearing tires even when the machine says the numbers are dead on, inconsistent numbers (different numbers compared to other machines).
Elias Laow Owner at Poway Imports
I have the v3300 and after 3 years still hate it. Snap on is all promises and no delivery. Tech support is terrible and the equipment/software is dodgy. Buy a hunter, i truly regret it every time i use the machine.
Jeremy Spencer Technician at Check's Muffler Center
We have since solved our issues which appear to have been our rack itself. I'm keeping the one star as snap on equipment could never help us figure out the issue.
Stephen Pirritano Owner/Technician at C & G Auto Repair Inc.
Have had a V3400 aligner for approx 5 Years have found it to be a very reliable and accurate aligner and basically maintenance free.provides advanced measurement capabilities that no other brands can. If your looking for a aligner that's allows you to provide premium results as well as OEM capabilities a V3400 should definitely be in your list to check out.