Review of Verus Edge Snap-on

Michael Chevalier Technician at Lia Toyota of Northampton
The tool is near the top as far as automotive scan tools are concerned. I'm very impressed with the everyday features of the tool (i.e. bidirectional controls, oscilloscope, and general ease of code scans and vehicle connectivity). The fact that the scanner runs on Windows 7 32 bit is a plus for ease of use. It makes the everyday user more familiar with the scanner. Since it is a full blown computer tablet, you can also install other brands of oscilloscopes and scan tools to the scanner directly. I have Toyota's Techstream installed on my Verus and Picoscope. The advantages to this are, you can use the Snap On module on one car (i.e. putting a Prius into inspection mode to bleed air from the cooling system), and while that is running you can connect Techstream to another vehicle to start another diagnosis. The computer itself is fast enough and boots relatively quick. It cannot be used as a dedicated computer though due to the size limitations of the internal hard drive disk. With every good thing, there is also bad though. Windows is stopping Windows 7 support in the next few years. If Snap On offers updates to Windows 10, that would be good but it certainly won't be free or cheap. Which brings me to my next point, updates for the scanner interface are EXPENSIVE, and you will most likely be updating it at least once a year if it's the only scan tool you're using. The battery life leaves a bit to be desired. There are only two USB ports on the scanner itself, one of which will be taken up if you decide to use an external keyboard and mouse (which I highly recommend). That leaves you with one USB port, unless you opt for the "docking station" that costs around the ball park of $500 and IMO should have come with the tool for the cost of it. You cannot do ANY J programming unless you purchase an external J box, which again is another expense. The oscilloscope is limited unless you purchase accessories separately from Snap On. Overall, the tool works amazingly well, but it should for the price they are asking for it. Every accessory you really need to operate a full blown shop with it should come with the tool at no additional expense, but they don't. I would have given it a higher review, but cost and lack of certain things with the tool really ruin the scanner for me. It is a better scan tool platform, but is crazy expensive. So if you feel like going right down the rabbit hole with Snap On, by all means try it out. Otherwise, look elsewhere.