Review of Maximus Matco Tools

Mike Steele Owner/Technician at MPS Automotive LLC
I bought my Matco/Launch Maximus in 2016, over the years I have had serveral issues with my touch screen not being able to proceed to the next screen when I touch confirm at the lower right hand side of the touch screen. I have call Matco Tools and also talked to Launch about this issues I am having. They both said that they were taking care of this at no cost for a period of time. Funny thing though, I never was contacted by either entities. Now they want to charge me $225.00 for a repair that should have been covered. They didn't seem to think that this was important enough to take care of their customers. I am suggest anyone to stop buying anything from this Matco tool co. If you are in business and you chose to not take care of your clientele, then you just pulled the plug on your future business. I for one will never buy a single tool from this joke of a company! Heads up to anyone thinking to buy anything from MATCO TOOLS!! Save yourself a headache and money-----DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!