Review of Maxisys Elite Autel

David J Lang Shop Foreman/Technician at Midas
I wanted to share my experience with Autel diagnostic tools, and the elite in particular. I bought one for myself at $4000 because it's so dang awesome. 100% support for all global brands, and nearly complete special function support, far more than the snap-on Zeus can do. The interface is very intuitive, accessing modules and functions is a breeze. Available accessories like a 4 channel oscilloscope and boroscope significantly reduce the cost of adding these capabilities to your repertoire. Hands down, after using Autel for 7+ years this model blows away the snap-on Zeus and kin. The only advantage that snap-on had was guided component testing, and if that's important to you then the new maxisys ultra now has that added functionality. Significantly cheaper and does car more (even Saab... Snap-on simply can't).

Support can be a little flaky for issues like functions not completing without a useful error message, I've had some support requests answered within 1 day and others that were never resolved. But these were typically for functions that would otherwise have been only available with a dealership tool.