Roger Liston Owner at Expert Cycle Electrics USA
The product works as advertised, if you are patient and persistent, but there are a few cautions you should know before buying. First, don't buy it on Amazon, unless you want the scanner to work anywhere in the world. The Amazon vendor, "Autel Official," sounds like an authorized American seller, especially since they are on Amazon. However, "Autel Official," is a Chinese company, likely based in Hong Kong which just stocks Autel products in the US. Their support is spectacular!!

But here is the rub; if something doesn't work right, and you go to your Amazon Order details page and click "Support,” that link takes you to the American-based Autel division, which lacks key information, any interest in my questions, and in my case gave me misinformation that cost me 2 weeks to work through, even with an extensive background in electronics.

If you buy it from an authorized American Autel vendor (not Amazon), what you get is a machine that will NOT work outside the USA. Autel USA told me that 906's sold in the US are "blacklisted" for foreign use--you can't log in with them overseas. To "white-List" the 906, making it usable anywhere, you have to pay Autel USA $215, which I did. later, I happened to copy the Chinese Autel seller on a technical question I sent to the American Autel group. The Chinese Vendor "Autel Official" let me know that All models THEY ship will work anywhere there is internet-- their units are NOT “blacklisted,” As Autel USA had told me. Also, their Autel Official’s support is far better than the US Autel group. The Chinese vendors’ answers are well-informed, well explained, and take less than overnight to get answers. Autel USA will not refund the “whitelisting” fee they charged me, which I did not need. I just got ripped off, and Autel USA really doesn’t seem to care.

The scanner works as advertised. Its fast and accurate, but the support material is almost unusable. There is an 8-page flyer that comes with it, which is almost unreadable, but It gives you step by step instructions that are not to be found anywhere else, even on the Web. To make that flyer usable, I scanned the 4 how-to pages, enlarged them to A4 size (big), printed and laminated them. Those 4 pages will teach you how to use the scanner much faster that virtually all the "training" videos that Autel produces; mostly because they are really about selling their gear, and not about teaching how to use them. Their videos are more about the insides of their scanner—processors, ram, connectors, and almost nothing about how to use them. Even as an engineer, I could care less what parts they used. I care mainly if the product works.

In short, its OK to buy on Amazon from the “Autel Official” vendor. The scanners they deliver will work worldwide. Also, their technical support is spectacularly good, well-written, accurate and fast. Phone calls are very understandable; their spoken English was often better than mine. To summarize, if you need help after you buy an Autel Scanner, go to your Amazon order page--the one with details of the sale--and look for the “support” button, BUT DO NOT CLICK IT, that button will take you to Autel USA, a vendor who did not make the sale, and could care less about your problems. Instead, email and ask for Keira.

The MS906BT scanner works fine, once you make the instructions readable and get past the Autel USA support team.