Jamey Thornton Owner/Technician at Dikes-Thornton Automotive Inc.
I finally purchased the Durabook from AE Tools, I have wanted one for years, but just didn't want to spend the money for a new lap top vs. a refurbished one.

I have been using it for a few months now and I am really glad I got it. The terabyte hard drive is partioned into 6 drives. I have GM, Chrysler, Ford, European, on separate partions, Toyota, Honda and Nissan together and Other Asian on the last partition.

It takes some work to get all the drives loaded with what you want to use, because you have to load your printer 6 times, as well as any short cuts on your desk top, and wifi passwords etc.... because it is truly like having 6 different lap tops. The partitions can not see each other.

I also loaded the Pico software on each partition, because when I save captures, they will be segregated by manufacture for easy file saving and retrival later.

AE Tools builds their lap tops for technicians and there are several "little things" that are real useful and it shows up to you already programmed. Such as the screen doesn't go to sleep, real nice when programming. I know I can make all these changes myself, but these guys know exactly what a technician needs and how to set up the PC for easy use.

Some of you are real handy with using a computer and know how to do these things yourself, but for PC idiots like me, this thing just works! And when I have questions, their tech support is not only excellent, it is for the life of the computer. Since most all of my PC based OEM tools were also purchased from them, they can help me when I run into a problem, such as programming issues, communication issues, or just about anything else that PC idiots like me run into. They log in with Team Viewer (already loaded) and expert advise it just a click away.

I would highly recommend this lap top to anyone of any skill level. I can honestly say that now that I have it and use it daily, I wish I had pulled the trigger years ago.

I am using it with Toyota Tech Stream, Ford IDS, Ross Vag, GM Tech II win, GDS, Chrysler Witech and the Controller Technologies DRB III Emulator, Jaguar/Land Rover, as well as Cardaq 2 plus. I have my shop management system (NAPA TRACS) loaded and everything works flawlessly.

If you are shopping for a Lap Top, this one will get the job done.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Durabook Lap Top by AE Tools").