Rick O'Neil Technician at Jim's Service Station
Since acquiring my Bullseye Leak Detector performing leak diagnostics has become quite easy. Leaks such as EVAP, A/C, Intake leaks and Oil leaks are downright quick and easy to locate. The setup of this tool is very easy and the low pressure gauge is much more accurate than the flow gauge on my other machine. I also like that the flow gauge works as a pressure decay tool as well, this makes a leak no leak test on EVAP systems quick. The CO2 electronic leak detector finds leaks on A/C systems that we could not find with other refrigerant detectors. We've been able to find really small leaks in short order. Without this tool these leaks would have taken a lot longer to locate or would not have been found at all. It's a tool everyone in the shop can use with great efficiency. I highly recommend the Bullseye Leak Detector.